Where Does The Money Go? Consumers Track Expenditure With An iPhone App

While some people are still examining their personal finances by poring over numerous credit card and bank account statements on the kitchen table once in a blue moon, others are simply using their smart phones every day. The 'Spending Log' iPhone App is the smart way to keep regular track of where the money goes.

Analyse Spending Patterns :
Since people take their iPhones everywhere they go the state of their finances can be kept up to date at all times using the 'Spending Log' App. A shopper just needs to tap in what they spend and the App can keep track. The App doesn't stop at recording what is spent ; It also provides powerful ways to analyse spending patterns. A consumer can log their purchases or bill payments into categories, allowing them to see, for example, how much they spend on fuel per month, or how much all those little trips to the coffee shop are costing a week.

A Real Eye opener :
Knowing precisely how much you spend on what can be a real eye opener. Using the 'Spending Log' App typically leads to money saving ; Consumers adjust what they spend having identified expensive areas where they can cut back.

Where does the money go? With 'Spending Log' people are finding out.