Careful Consumers send Spending Log for iPhone to No. 1 Spot in UK

The 'Spending Log' iPhone App has been kept at the number 1 spot in the finance category of the UK App Store for over a week by consumers turning to technology to help with their finances.

Since people take their iPhones everywhere they go the state of their finances can be kept up to date at all times using the 'Spending Log' App. A shopper just needs to tap in what they spend and the App can keep track.

Leads to Money Saving:
The App doesn't stop at recording what is spent; It also provides powerful ways to analyse spending patterns. A consumer can log their purchases or bill payments into categories, allowing them to see, for example, how much they spend on fuel per month, or how much all those little trips to the coffee shop are costing a week. Use of the 'Spending Log' App typically leads to money saving; Consumers adjust what they spend having identified expensive areas where they can cut back.

Featured in the Sunday Times App List:
The App was recently featured in the Sunday Times App List in the UK where reviewer Holden Frith says, "Whether you are stretching your salary to the end of the month or saving towards a particular goal, this app will help you keep track of your progress."