Cash Conscious Households Use iPhone App To Plan For Household Bills

As high inflation tightens its grip on the hard pressed household, consumers are looking to technology to help with their household budget plans.

The 'Bill Assistant' iPhone App helps by keeping users informed about which bills are coming and when.

Know what bills are coming:
Ever rising gas & electricity bills in particular will come as a nasty shock to many when they arrive, leaving them with the problem of where to find the money. The 'Bill Assistant' App can help, it has a 'due soon' screen which shows the user a list of bills that are due soon and their amounts. This allows them to plan ahead, ensuring they will have the sufficient funds when they need them rather than having to find the money after the nasty shock of an unexpected bill.

Never miss a payment:
Further savings can be made with the 'Bill Assistant' App by using its 'reminder' function. When a bill due date approaches the App informs the user via a text message like alert - Late fees can be avoided with these timely reminders.

Time to switch supplier? :
The 'Bill Assistant' App doesn't stop at keeping the user informed about their bills, it also allows for analysis of their payments. A household can more easily identify when it makes sense to change supplier by using the analysis features of the 'Bill Assistant' App. The App allows the user to see how much they are spending with particular suppliers over any time period, giving them the information they need to compare their supplier with the competition. With 'Bill Assistant' households will always know what bills are coming and never miss a payment.